Somewhere in La Mancha, between mills and spectacular natural places, rose “Los Pozos de Daimiel”. The name of this enterprise is founded in homage to the local wells that years ago provided drinking water to its population.  In Motilla de Daimiel is found the archaeological site that dates back to the Bronze Age of the most antique well of the Iberian Peninsula, which is more than 4.000 years old.
 The agricultural tradition of “Los Pozos de Daimiel” is forged in the mid-1980s, emerging as a consequence of the increase in the agricultural production. Their members´ respect for the land was crucial during this process. The enterprise was formed by 43 members, all of them local farmers from the municipality of Daimiel, when they invested in the construction of a drying corn and grain store rooms. Soon afterwards they expanded in order to bring technical assistance and agricultural supplies to its members.
Later, in 1998, the winery where currently our wines are produced and marketed was raised. This initiative would never have been possible without the enthusiasm and dedication of the vintners from Daimiel. One of their immediate targets was to recover the traditional wine brands from the municipality, which nowadays is our trademark.

Who we are?

Through the control and monitoring of our member´s vineyards, and the use of some modern facilities we ensure the development and production of a wide range of excellent wines tailored to the preferences of our customers with a capacity to store over 20 millions of litres (5 millions of US gallons).
“Los Pozos de Daimiel” is formed by 126 local farmers, with deeply rooted tradition and pride in their lands, as well as a love and care of their own environment. The knowhow of the enterprise comes from the agricultural tradition and closeness of the farmers to their land. The extraordinary climatic conditions of La Mancha and the quality management given to the grapes leads to an exceptional product. This fact is reinforced by our team of experts and support staff who are absolutely committed to their wine and our own oenologist is a prestigious professional in the Origin “La Mancha” with over 30 years of professional experience.
Our investment in infrastructures and R&D has provided economic growth and local employment through an optimal exploitation of our natural resources. All of this has been possible by ensuring an ethos of environmental sustainability and land conservation.